A great advantage of Maća Apartments is the 'Komin' entertaining area available for use by our guests. This wonderful area contains a traditional Croatian fire place (Komin), which is used to cook your meats, fish and vegetables. Whether you want to grill your food on the Gradele (grill), bake your food in a Peka (similar to a Dutch Oven), or make a soup or stew over the fire, the Komin area is a great change to eating out or cooking over the stove-top.
We have wood available for your fire and the kitchen comes fully equipped with cutlery, crockery, glassware and cooking utensils all for your use. And to make life just that little bit easier, we even have a dishwasher. The best news of all about the Komin, is that it's free of charge to our guests with prior arrangement. Of course if you're keen to find out and experience some traditional Croatian cuisine, just let us know and we can arrange something for you.